About Event

Its an info session about Future Day Impact Investments who is looking for early-stage (pre-seed, seed or Series A) enterprises with an impact focus on health or gender lens. Ticket sizes up to $100K and open to debt, equity, convertible notes, SAFEs etc.

Future Day Impact Investments targets early-stage ventures in Sub-Saharan Africa whose work has the potential to create a significant positive impact in health and/or gender equity. Future Day aims to provide appropriate financing instruments in markets that are currently underserved, and especially to local founders and teams. 

About speaker

 Julie Greene is a social entrepreneur with a background in education, small business, and women's empowerment. As the Investment Manager at Future Day, She is focused on thesis development, portfolio building and management, and business advisory. 

Topic: Info session -Business Mentoring and Advisory Support with Future Day Impact Investments
Friday 12/06/2020 
Time 10.30 am (CAT)

Join on Friday at 10.30 am  (CAT)

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Meeting ID: 965 5300 1140