The Kigali startup exhibition that premiered on Youtube on the 29th of October by Westerwelle startup haus Kigali was an excellent opportunity that could take entrepreneurs and innovators to the next level, a live event where Creativity, talent, and innovation come together.

Compared to last year’s startup exhibition, this year we have reached a much wider audience which is an international audience.

It allowed startups and investors to connect with each other and launch new business ventures together in the future.

Technology meets money, money meets people, people meet ideas and ideas become reality.

The display enrolled 32 new businesses and offered them the occasion to connect with their peers and various players from across areas. 

We had youth and entrepreneurs participants from different sectors such as technology, fintech, social, food, water, and more. They showcased their products and connected with thousands of people within the ecosystem where they can find new opportunities.

This one-day exhibition presents the startups, the youth, and entrepreneurs of the country and will give them access to connecting with markets, investors, and corporates to prove their expertise in the fields of entrepreneurship on a larger scale on the platform.

The Kigali startup exhibition hosted by Patrick Cyusa had the opportunity to interview each of the hub managers individually to gain some insight on what has been going on within their respected hubs.

The hubs that participated are Westerwelle startup Haus Kigali with Sangwa Rwabuhihi as the general manager, Liana Nzabampema as the senior program officer of Segal family foundation, Alex Ntale as the CEO of ICT Chamber/Klab, Mfer Betancourt as the managing Director of Impact Hub Kigali, Tesi Rusagara as the managing director of Kigali Innovation City and finally Charles Shyaka as the general manager of 250 startups.

We also had the opportunity to have one of our partners, entrepreneurs solution partners (ESP) which has recently launched the tourism inc., an incubator directly supporting businesses in the tourism and hospitality sector with capacity building and grant making. 

When asked what the Westerwelle Startup Haus Kigali  Has to offer new startups, the hub manager Mr. Sangwa Rwabuhihi spoke on the process of the entrepreneurship selection criteria saying what they get is a nine months program where they are emerged into a larger community of entrepreneurs as well as access to multiple workshops and advisory services. we usually look for startups that are a year into the creation. Start-ups that have an existing product or services and possibly some revenue”. He went on to express the need for start-ups to be stable to begin with which would be ideal in helping them continue their journey smoothly. Mr. Rwabuhihi also spoke on the next cohort which would be happening towards the end of November whilst encouraging all entrepreneurs whether in Kigali or not to seek out the partnership with Westerwelle startup haus.

If you still haven't watched the kigali startup exhibition, click on the link below

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